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36 Years Ago: The U.S. Marine Barracks Bombing in Beirut

This October marked the 36-year anniversary of the U.S. Marine barracks bombings in Beirut, Lebanon, in which 241 American service members were killed by Hezbollah suicide bombers. The attack was carried out at the direction of Iran.

“Our outrage over this despicable act of terrorism perpetrated on those patriotic men and women remains as deep as ever,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a press statement.

The same day as the attack, Hezbollah suicide bombers drove an explosive-laden truck into a building full of French paratroopers. The attack left 58 French soldiers dead.

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Hezbollah’s Global Reach

Hezbollah is a terrorist group that receives $800 million annually from Iran. The terrorist group remains a global threat today. It is considered the most important political player in Lebanon and has a reach that extends around the world.

Just last month, a Hezbollah operative in New Jersey, Alexei Saab, was indicted on nine counts of terror-related offenses for his support for Hezbollah while scouting potential targets in New York, Boston and Washington D.C.

Hezbollah’s influence continues to grow, and its reach has only increased since the attack in Beirut 36 years ago. The United States must continue to cut off resources to Hezbollah and its sponsor Iran, and ensure that Israel has the resources and equipment to keep its citizens safe.

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