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Energy Matters: January 2018

U.S. company Noble Energy announced its plans to expand in Israel ahead of the 2019 start of production at the Leviathan offshore gas site. (Photo: AP Images)

New Horizons for the U.S.-Israel Relationship

The U.S.-Israel relationship has made important advances in the three years since Congress passed landmark legislation to foster bilateral cooperation. The 2014 U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Act (SPA) affirmed in law that Israel is a “major strategic partner” of the United States, and authorized expanded U.S.-Israel cooperation in a wide range of fields, including defense, intelligence, homeland security, cybersecurity, energy, water, agriculture and alternative fuel technologies.

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Noble Energy Plans to Boost its Natural Gas Operations in Israel

On Jan. 24, U.S. company Noble Energy announced its plans to expand in Israel ahead of the 2019 start of production at the Leviathan offshore gas site. “The flow of gas from Leviathan at the end of 2019 and the continued successful operations in Tamar will boost Noble’s operations in Israel,” said Bini Zomer, vice president for regional affairs for Noble Energy. The Texas-based company already owns approximately 40 percent of Leviathan, which has estimated gas reserves of 622 billion cubic meters. Noble also owns 32.5 percent Israel’s primary supply of natural gas Tamar field.

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Israeli Company Obtains U.S. Renewable Energy Company for $110 million

On Jan. 24, Israeli geothermal energy producer Ormat Technologies announced that it has agreed to acquire American renewable energy company U.S. Geothermal for $110 million. “This acquisition significantly broadens and diversifies our operations in the U.S., expanding our presence into Idaho and Oregon and giving us additional opportunities as we evaluate U.S. Geothermal’s development pipeline,” said Ormat Technologies CEO Isaac Angel. “We are confident we can leverage our unique core capabilities to improve generation and efficiency at the existing plants, utilizing our expertise and proprietary technology.”

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U.S. and Israeli Companies Team Up to Build a Better Bike

Michigan’s Detroit Bikes and Israel’s SoftWheel Ltd. are joining forces to create a high-performance bicycle that is both energy-efficient and easy to maintain. The joint venture is one of five projects announced in 2017 receiving funding from both the U.S. Department of Energy and Israel’s Ministry of Energy. The U.S.-Israel Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation has established 800 strategic matches between private-sector U.S. and Israeli high-tech industries. “Working with a new team to bring a new product to the table helps us see things differently,” said Zak Pashak, founder and president of Detroit Bikes. “Partnering … will ultimately save bike-share companies money and help make that business thrive.”

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Atlantis Uses Israeli Technology to Conserve Water

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, Nevada, is partnering with Israel to save water. Teaming up with Israeli Water Tech Company WINT and WaterStart – a water technology incubator based out of Las Vegas – Atlantis will use a new smart meter technology that uses pattern recognition and algorithms to measure water flow. This technology will help reduce water costs and avoid water damage. “This is the first in Reno, it's a first in Nevada, it's a first in the United States,” said Perry Sanders, who oversees the facilities at Atlantis. “This is literally cutting edge technology that hasn't been tried in the U.S. or Europe yet."

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