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Fibrotex: An Israeli Company Protecting American Troops and Creating American Jobs

Israeli company Fibrotex Technologies LTD (FTL) has been helping protect Israel Defense Forces since the 1970s. Now, Fibrotex USA, a subsidiary of FTL, is not only working to protect U.S. armed forces, but is also employing hundreds of Americans.

On August 29, in Stearns, Kentucky, the first Fibrotex USA facility in the U.S.—and only the second in the world—hosted its grand opening and announced 350 new jobs.

Using new production machines and equipment to mirror the unique, vertical production facility in Israel, Fibrotex USA is creating products that save lives and improve operational effectiveness for the U.S. Army.

The U.S. subsidiary won a 10-year, $480 million contract to build a multispectral camouflage system designed to mask U.S. Army personnel, installations and vehicles from radars and electro-optical sensors.

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