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Homeland Security Secretary Meets with Israeli Officials in Jerusalem

On June 11, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen held the first-ever cabinet-level meeting at the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem since it was moved there from Tel Aviv last month.

The embassy meeting with Israeli Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan preceded the International Homeland Security Forum, which was held the following day. The forum featured 20 ministers and vice ministers from 17 different countries, with a focus on counterterrorism and radicalization. Nielsen also joined representatives of the Israeli Ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs and Public Security and Strategic Affairs as well as the Israel Defense Forces in discussing Israel’s security technology and operations.

At the forum, Secretary Nielsen delivered remarks praising the “strong and enduring” alliance between the United States and Israel and asserting the need to “deepen cooperation” between the two allies. “Our alliance has been fortified through crises and strengthened by collaboration. Following the 9/11 attacks—the deadliest terror assault in modern world history—you were right there by our side,” she said.

On June 13, Nielsen met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss additional areas of cooperation between the United States and Israel. “We have no better ally than the United States," Netanyahu said in the meeting with Nielsen, adding, "I also think you [Americans] don't have a better ally than Israel."

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