Innovation Update: Spring 2020

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center completed a preliminary month-long trial in May of an air filtration and disinfection system from Israeli start-up Aura Air. (AP/Heidi Levine) Read More

Israeli Scientists Isolate COVID-19 Antibody in 'Significant Breakthrough' Israel has isolated a crucial coronavirus antibody at the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR)—calling it a “significant breakthrough.” Israel’s Ministry of Defense reported that the “monoclonal neutralizing antibody” generated at Israel’s top biological research laboratory “can neutralize it (the disease-causing coronavirus) inside carriers' bodies.” IIBR Director Shmuel Shapira stated that the antibody formula is in the process of being patented. Once it is patented, Israel will find a global manufacturer to mass-produce it.

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WATCH: The Future of Telehealth Tune into AIPAC’s latest briefing and learn about the Israeli med-tech company Tytocare—a company revolutionizing telehealth, changing the way patients interact with their doctors. Tytocare CEO and cofounder, Dedi Gilad, explains how his technology is keeping patients out of doctors’ offices during the coronavirus pandemic, and what the future of telehealth medicine looks like.

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Israeli Firm Helps Manage the World’s Wastewater Systems during the Coronavirus Pandemic The United States and other countries around the globe are looking to Israel, a world leader in water and technology, for assistance during the coronavirus pandemic. While the pandemic has had a global impact on wastewater treatment plants and sewage systems, Israel’s Kando, a smart wastewater management solutions provider, is helping keep the world’s sewage systems hygienic and working. Kando utilizes original algorithms and artificial intelligence technologies to enable wastewater utilities to discover pollution irregularities and obstructions in real time. “Kando’s solution allows cities to control – continuously and remotely – their wastewater quality and protect the public health, which these days, more than ever, is a top priority,” said Gili Elkin, Board Member and Chief Growth Officer at Kando.

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Israeli Company Set to Purify Hospital Air from Coronavirus In May, Israel’s Sheba Medical Center finished a preliminary month-long trial of an air filtration and disinfection system from Israeli start-up Aura Air. In the United States, three more pilots with the new technology showcased substantial improvements in air quality. “We started the collaborative work with Sheba in an effort to reduce contaminants in the hospital, and then the coronavirus arrived,” said Roy Friedberg, the vice president of Aura Air. “Now, in the midst of testing, we are focusing on purifying and disinfecting the air from severe viruses, including the coronavirus.”

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United States and Israel Spearhead New Water-Energy Tech Program In April, the United States and Israel launched a new $21.4 million joint initiative to develop water-energy technologies. The Collaborative Water-Energy Research Center, part of the U.S.-Israel Energy Center program through the U.S.-Israel Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation, will be led by Northwestern University of Chicago and BGN Technologies, the technology transfer company of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The center will focus on three different spheres: energy-efficient enhanced water supply, wastewater reuse and resource recovery, and energy-water systems. The joint technology development efforts will culminate in pilot testing at water and wastewater facilities in both the United States and Israel.

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Israeli Innovation Transforms Water into Anti-Viral Solution Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Israeli technology that kills bacteria and viruses by turning tap water into a powerful disinfectant has proven effective in neutralizing corona-type viruses. The technology was created by chemists at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan and patented last year by the university’s BIRAD Research and Development Company. “We are on the brink of a revolution by making the most effective green disinfectant available to the entire population and medical institutions,” said Israeli entrepreneur Barak Dror Wanderman. “This technology will save many lives, save the economy a lot of money, and eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals that harm the environment.”

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U.S.-Based Company Awards Israeli Company Prize for Filling Coronavirus Worker Shortages The Israeli company Percepto was awarded an international prize by the U.S.-based company Frost and Sullivan on May 3 for the company’s autonomous drones. The drones have been plugged as a solution to combat the shortage of workers during the widespread pandemic. Percepto was awarded the prize for its “technological leadership” in developing technology that operates independently without the need for a human operator nearby. According to the article, “While presenting the award, Frost and Sullivan emphasized the crucial importance of businesses continuing to operate, and the role of autonomous drones in ensuring increased financial security for companies even while many workers remained furloughed thanks to coronavirus restrictions.”

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