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U.S. Policy on Iran: The Path Forward

Any agreement with Iran must address all facets of its illicit behavior, including ballistic missile development

The United States seeks to prevent Iran from ever acquiring a nuclear weapons capability, to confront Iran’s regional aggression, and to strongly support regional allies. To achieve these policy goals, the United States must increase the economic, diplomatic and political pressure on Iran and take firm action to oppose all facets of illicit Iranian behavior.

United States policy on Iran seeks to achieve the following:

  • An end to uranium enrichment, plutonium reprocessing, and the development of nuclear-capable missile systems.

  • Disclosure of the prior military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program.

  • Unqualified access for international inspectors to all sites in Iran—including military facilities.

  • Withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria and an end to support for terrorist groups, including Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

  • Cessation of threats against Israel and the release of Americans detained on spurious charges.

To maximize chances for success, the administration and Congress should:

  • Reiterate that the United States has a determined policy to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability and to aggressively confront its regional aggression.

  • Maximize economic, political and diplomatic pressure on Iran. Areas of sanctions focus should include Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, financial system, oil imports, ballistic missile development and arms transfers.

  • Enact the bipartisan U.S.-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act (H.R. 5141 and S.2497) to demonstrate America's long-term support for Israel and encourage the administration to expand and enhance U.S. weapons stockpiles in Israel.

  • Fully fund security assistance to Israel and cooperative missile defense programs.

  • Ensure political support for Israel at the U.N. and beyond if it is forced to deal with aggression from Iran and its proxy forces.

  • Pass and implement legislation to penalize entities and individuals who support the use of human shields by Iranian-backed terrorist groups.

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