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Palestinian Terrorism Against Israel

Yesterday, a grandfather in Israel buried his three-dayold grandson. The baby’s parents—the victims of a terrorist shooting along with several others—could not attend the funeral, as they remain hospitalized from the attack. The baby boy had been delivered prematurely by emergency caesarian section after his mother was shot.

This morning, two more Israelis were killed and two were seriously wounded in another terrorist shooting in the West Bank.

These are only two of the more than 500 Palestinian terrorist attacks carried out or thwarted in the West Bank and Jerusalem this year alone.

Rather than outright condemn this blatant terrorism, leading Palestinian officials across the spectrum praised the attacks and the terrorists who committed them.

“The heroic Martyrs (Shahids) of the homeland are sketching the map of the homeland with their pure blood, so that Palestine will live free and Arab,” Fatah, the political party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, wrote on Facebook. “Eternity and glory to you.”

“Hamas praises the numerous resistance attacks,” a Hamas spokesman declared. “Our members will stand against the occupation [Israel] and will resist it - until it ends,” he added.

The United States should continue to stand by Israel and support its right to defend its citizens against these terrorist attacks.

The United States should continue to press the Palestinian Authority to end its heinous practice of financially rewarding terrorists and their families. Earlier this year, Congress passed the Taylor Force Act to ensure no U.S. funding would directly support the PA until it stops funding and incentivizing terrorism.

The Palestinians must return to direct, bilateral talks with Israel to achieve a two-state solution—a Jewish state of Israel living in peace and security with a demilitarized Palestinian state.

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