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AIPAC Statement on Ending Iranian Oil Waivers

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks during a news conference on Monday, April 22, 2019, at the Department of State in Washington. The Trump administration on Monday told five nations — Japan, South Korea, Turkey, China and India — that they will no longer be exempt from U.S. sanctions if they continue to import oil from Iran. (AP Photo/Sait Serkan Gurbuz)

AIPAC commends the Trump administration for its decision to end sanctions waivers to countries that are currently importing Iranian oil. This action will intensify economic pressure on the Iranian regime in order to deny Iran the resources to fuel its regional aggression and nuclear ambitions. We appreciate the efforts of members of Congress who urged the administration to end the waivers.

Already, U.S. sanctions have helped to significantly reduce Iran’s oil exports while the value of the rial has plummeted. Escalating economic pressure on the regime has reportedly put constraints on Iran’s ability to finance its regional terrorist proxies. It is now essential that the administration remain vigilant to violations of these sanctions and meet violations with immediate consequences.

For its part, Iran must change course and abandon its regional aggression. AIPAC remains committed to working with both parties in Congress and with the administration to prevent Tehran from realizing its nuclear ambitions and its desire to dominate the Middle East.

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